About VidBlogger Nation

Vidblogger Nation is a social TV network that features self-portraits by hometown tastemakers who share the stories of people, places and things in their city from a first-person perspective.

VidBlogger Nation is the first-ever Social TV Network. The network launched on Comcast On Demand and is available in 10 key Comcast markets, including: Atlanta, Denver, Michigan, New England, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Portland (Oregon), Sacramento, San Francisco, and South Florida. Each market is anchored by local talent that maintain strong Facebook and Twitter followings, in addition to having personal blogs, vlogs and fan sites.

Programming consists of colorful three-to-five-minute episodes on topics that range from ‘Naked Cocktails’ (a look at best non-alcoholic bars and happy hours) and ‘Awesome Wi-Fi’ (where to go for the best free wi-fi) to ‘Haunted Places’ (visiting sites supposedly haunted by local spirits) and ‘Music Mania’ (a review of the vidblogger’s favorite music). The vidbloggers create, shoot and edit their pieces in their own unique style and these are availble on Comcast On Demand as local and national segments.

The light, upbeat first-person narrative of the VidBlogger Nation episodes capture idiosyncratic moments in the local markets that relate to the bloggers’ personalities. The resulting video is an essay that is more personal and journal-like without becoming a travelogue or a news documentary. Story concepts originate from both SimplyNew and the local talent.

VidBlogger Nation initially includes three full seasons for each market.  Each season is comprised of 12 episodes from each of the ten VidBloggers, resulting in 120 episodes for each season, or 360 episodes for the initial roll-out. Both Comcast On Demand Local and Simplynew Studios will consider further markets after the initial run concludes.

The VidBlogger Nation network team features talented tastemakers who live and breath the social media lifestyle.  Talent includes:

  • Zennie Abraham, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sarah Austin, San Francisco, California
  • Jessica Berry, Philadelphia
  • Jen Friel, New England
  • Rocco Leo Gaglioti, New Jersey
  • Sacha Heppell, Denver, Colorado
  • Jenny Scordamaglia, South Florida
  • Ann Spade, Sacramento, California
  • Tony Thomas, Portland, Oregon
  • Jeffrey Wisenbaugh, Michigan

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Comcast Corporation is the largest cable operator, home internet service provider, and fourth largest home telephone service provider in the United States, providing cable television, broadband internet, and telephone service to both residential and commercial customers in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast also has significant holding in several cable networks (including E! Entertainment Television, Style Network, G4, The Golf Channel and Versus), distribution (ThePlatform), and related businesses. Comcast acquired a majority stake in media conglomerate NBCUniversal in January, 2011.

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Simplynew Studios is a leading developer of participatory media programming and productions, including live television, web, mobile, and on-demand broadcast events. Renowned director-producer Marc Scarpa, a pioneer in the industry who is founding chair of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council East, established the company in 2001. Based in both Los Angeles and New York, Simplynew Studios specializes in multi-platform productions, and have delivered groundbreaking content for customers including Comcast, Sony Music, MySpace, Fox, The Recording Academy (GRAMMY awards), Marc Jacobs International, Woodstock ’99 and the White House among others.


Marc Scarpa

Renowned participatory media director-producer Marc Scarpa, and founder of Simplynew, created VidBlogger Nation as an answer to cable television’s need to cross over into new genres of storytelling and community.

His creative works are noted for their use of social media, streaming video, music-photo-video sharing, conversation, data visualization, tags and links whose value and power derive from the active participation of many people in real time. This work has created its own genre, in which boundaries between audiences and creators become blurred and often invisible.

Scarpa is a firm advocate that the term “audience” is obsolete in the new world of participatory media and that “audience” or “viewer” should be re-named “participant.”  As a Director, he views his role as enabling the flow of contributions by the participants and connecting online and onsite groups together to stimulate conversation and engagement around a particular live event or program. Milestone projects include the Grammy Live!,  Tibetan Freedom Concerts, Woodstock 99, and politically-driven programs such as the Townhall with President Bill Clinton, the first webcast with a sitting U.S. president.

As an executive board member and founding New York Chair of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council and a recipient of the Marc A. Levey distinguished service award, Marc’s contributions in emerging media include a Webby Award in 2010 for Best Event / Live Webcast for his work on the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Marc is a featured speaker with Streaming Media East/West/Europe and Digital Hollywood, where he serves as an Advisory board member for the OnDemand Content & Technology Consortium. He had been recognized as one of Silicon Alley Reporter’s Top 100. Marc served as the founding Co-Chair for the NYC Mayor’s Council on New Media with Deputy Mayor Tony Coles during the Giuliani administration.

Currently, he is a national board member and founding NY committee chair for the Producers Guild of America New Media Council. Personally, Marc is a partner with Lifebeat –The Music Industry Fights AIDS and is also a Global Advisory Committee Member for Earthday Networks.

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