A social dragonfly who loves to entertain and be entertained. Natural inclinations have always weighed heavily on the creative and usually armed with a camera. In 2006 I discovered YouTube which opened up a way for me to combine all of these things all at once. It became my virtual stage and I began creating videos. This would prove to be my springboard into videography and editing. I’m a ginormous fan of movies and music. I’ve been involved in art, theatre, dance, gymnastics, and fitness, was the lead singer in a band, played guitar, and worked in independent film.

Growing up in a military family we moved and traveled often. This really has to be the reason I learned to easily adapt to different situations and embrace new and different cultures. California is where we rooted and where I call home. I do hope to see more of the world. Through online presence and social media networking I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in a lot of different places, learned a lot of new things, and built a lot of fabulous friendships. VidBlogger Nation allows me to learn more about my own city and more about the people in it!