SOUTH FLORIDA: Jenny Scordamaglia

I was born in New Jersey and at 3 months old moved to Uruguay where I grew up til’ i was 13. Then I moved back to Florida and lived in Boca Raton until I had to go to college. At 18 I moved to Miami and have been here ever since. Miami, to me, is a place were you can be yourself and be free as there are so many different cultures and people here that it’s a place where nothing seems too weird to be seen.

I did grow up around our farm in Uruguay so I love outside activities and I’m not the type of girl to leave adventure out because I don’t want to get dirty or break a nail. I love shopping, but at the same time I love carpentry, and horseback riding is my favorite thing.

My motivation is giving viewers something different to watch. Something entertaining and not so brainwashing like a lot of the shows on TV now days. I believe people are hoping for change in many areas and I am contributing to that. Besides my work and hobbies, I do have another side of me, which is spiritual, and I love to help people through a gift I have of emanating positive energy, something that is always growing in me. I share that with you because I want you to know who I really am.