I’m a Philadelphia native who was exposed to entertainment at a very young age through my parents. My step-father encouraged my love for performance, which ultimately evolved into an immense appreciation for creative expression. With a deep passion for the arts, I decided that I wanted to focus on acting so I studied at a prominent acting school, Mike Lemon Casting. During my experience there, I affirmed my desire to pursue a professional career in entertainment and by the age of 15, I had landed roles in various major TV productions, including the series Hack (CBS) and the film Unbreakable, directed by M.Night Shyamalan.

In addition to my work as an actress, I also love sports and am quite an exceptional athlete. I received a scholarship to compete in Track and Field at Fordham University, where I majored in General Science and minored in Theatre. I am a big proponent of traveling internationally, as I believe traveling has not only gives me a different perspective of the world, but of life in general.

After I completed my studies at Fordham, I moved to Spain, where I learned Spanish and traveled to numerous countries in Europe. After a year of living abroad, I returned to the States to continue to pursue my passion in the arts but this time in a more unconventional manor. I found that with different social media platforms on the rise such as; Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, I decided to showcase my talent not only theatrically but also as a VidBlogger creator. I currently spend my time in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles, California where I devote a lot of my time creating my own content for my YouTube channel, Jessica Berry and now VidBlogger Nation.