NEW JERSEY: Rocco Leo Gaglioti

As a self-made triple threat – I am a creator, producer and host. I founded the televised on-line fashion magazine,, which almost overnight has become ranked as one of the top ten celebrity sites around the world.

Even though I make it look easy, I came from humble, though very loving beginnings. I learned to communicate with my hands through sign language before I could even speak because my mother was born deaf. This naturally gave me a lifelong appreciation for the underdog, along with the advantage of a much more enhanced “sixth sense.”

For me, making dreams come true takes more than good looks and charm. It takes hard work and determination. As a 6’3” former model, I may dress from head to toe in Marc Jacobs and Gucci, but that is not what some may say makes fashion’s latest “It Guy.” It’s more than likely the combination of my soulfulness, my passion, and my uncanny ability for discerning the next big thing that has landed me on the pop culture radar.