Ann Spade






“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
Having trouble connecting to the internet, Ann searches for free WiFi spots in Sacramento in order meet her deadline!

“Beach Front Fun”
It’s a hot day so Ann is off to the waters! The Sacramento River is our city’s “beach” open to fishing, rafting, sun-bathing, and swimming!

“Best Friend Forever”
Dogs aren’t just a mans best friend… they can be a woman’s best friend, too! Ann spends time with her adorable pooches, Gracie & Sienna and treats them to a grooming at Grateful Dog Daycare!

“Bikini Discovery”
With summer on its way Ann seeks to track down the perfect swimsuit for her new beach body!

“Celebrity Stalker”
Ann spends time with Jason & Katie from The Wake Up Call crew on 107.9 FM, The End.

“Cutest Thing”
Ann encourages her son to step away from TV and video games to spend time outside at the zoo! After all, Alexander loves animals!

“Haunted Place”
Ann tests out her EMF application for her phone to try in front of the Haunted Tunnels!

Not a fan of driving downtown, Ann decides to try the light rail system for the first time

“Queen of Clubland”
Ann spends time onboard the historical Delta King, a popular boat that offers lodging, live bands, dinner, bar, theater… the King of entertainment places!

“Sweetest Digs”
Being a fan of beautiful, historical structures, Ann explores a few of our city’s most beautiful historical homes!

“Taste of the City”
Ann and friends, David & Disa experience just a little taste of Sacramento!

“Trippin’ Out”
With a brand new motorcycle & very little experience, Ann is excited to ride but is sure to complete the MC training & safety course to build confidence.


“Best Buys”
Ann takes a peek at Denio’s with her family for some of the best buys in the Sacramento metropolitan area. There’s something for everyone!

“Dream Movie Moments”
Ann takes advantage of the conveniences of a drive-in theater.

“Don’t Drudge Me”
Ann’s work is all play with Sacramento as her workspace with a panoramic view!

“In Town Travel”
Ann takes a local “staycation” and travels the world during the World Music and Dance Festival.

“Free Galleries”
The world is our gallery, and it’s free! Ann shares how she uses her own perception of the city around her through photography to create her own personal gallery.

“Game On”
Ann hangs out at Raley Field with her family and friends for the Sacramento Rivercats game. Go Rivercats!

“Glorious Gardens”
Ann spends time in her Mom and Dad’s beautiful backyard retreat. Knowing her Mom’s love of beautiful flowers and plants, Ann takes her to see the landscape and gardens at Capital Park.

“Gone With the Game”
Ann spends time with Marissa Hodge, owner and fitness instructor at The Clubhouse! Marissa brings people together for a Rivercats baseball game after-party, turning fitness into a fun event!

“Hot Hot Hot”
Ann tries hot yoga for the first time!

“Favorite Places”
Ann hangs out with family and friends at Folsom Lake, one of her favorite places in the county of Sacramento.

“My Inner Pirate”
Ann brings out her inner pirate with the Pirates of Sacramento during an El Dorado Hills Public Library fundraiser!

“Tattoo Design”
Ann visits a local tattoo shop to discuss possible tattoo designs.


“Babes In Toyland”
Friends, Ann and Carrie, begin their Christmas shopping at World’s Best Comics and Toys!

“Free Stuff”
Off to Apple Hill, one of Sacramento’s favorite places to explore and homemade goodies can be tasted for free! Of course, it’s tough to leave without a few.

“Music Mania”
She’s a huge fan of music so Ann spends time at The Beat in Downtown Sacramento!

“Naked Cocktails”
Ann takes a ride to the Naked Lounge to enjoy Naked’s caffeinated cocktails.

“Topless Beauties”
Riding on her own topless beauty, Ann explores different topless beauties at Brothers Boats!

“Ultimate Food”
People talk about sushi like it’s the ultimate food so Ann puts that to the test. She and her family have dinner at Tokyo Fro’s for her first taste of this ever so popular food!

“Amateur Hour”
A karaoke enthusiast, Ann hangs out at Fanny Ann’s Saloon for a night of singing!

It takes a strong ego to perform in front of an audience and maintain a stage presence! Ann spends time with Sacramento’s E-Legal TagTeam, who have fantastic egos. Despite what they do, they keep their foundation.

“Overexposed/Underexposed”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ann wants that healthy glow but has no time for tanning booths and isn’t a fan of baking in the sun. She calls on Tans To Go, a mobile spray tanning service!

Ann is on a “Man Hunt” to find a costume for her son.

“People Search”
Ann is on a search to find people who have heard of VidBlogger Nation. If they didn’t hear of it before… they have now!

“Plenty of Fish”
Thinking of a unique Christmas gift, Ann checks out all of the fish at Aqua Workz!