Jeffrey Wisenbaugh






“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
Jeff is having trouble getting the Wi-Fi to work in his apartment, so he and his friend, Max, visit Orvel’s Deli, Mega Coney Island, and Featheer ‘n Fin to use the Wi-Fi and enjoy some snacks.

“Beach Front Fun”
Feeling the sting of the heat, Jeff grabs some friends and heads to Clover Beach for a nice cool down.

“Best Friend Forever”
Jeff and his friend, Noah, visit Patriarche Park and Meridian Mall to enjoy the sites and hang out for the day.

“Celebrity Stalker”
Jeff attends the Emmy Awards at the Soundboard Theater in Detroit, Michigan in search of an Emmy victory…and Aretha Franklin.

“Cutest Thing”
Jeff has some making up to do! So he takes his girlfriend, Kelly, to the zoo to see the cute animals and have a good time. Hopefully, this will get him out of the doghouse.

Jeff takes us on a tour of his hometown, and shares the good and bad of the city, from his perspective.

“Love Parade”
In an attempt to lift his spirits, Jeff visits the “Hometown Days” parade in Swartz Creek, Michigan.

“Naked Cocktails”
Jeff and his under-aged crew head to Jan’s Bar in Swartz Creek, Michigan to enjoy a few virgin cocktails. No designated driver needed!

“Off Limits”
Jeff sneaks into Spartan Stadium at Michigan State and tries to avoid being arrested.

“Taste of the City”
Jeff visits a few local ice cream shops to find which one has the best ice cream.

“Trippin’ Out”
A bit of a picky eater, Jeff attends dinner at Hong Kong Buffet with his sister, Cassie, to try out some new foods.

“Ultimate Food”
Jeff and a friend attempt the “5 lb. Nacho Challenge” at Tio’s Mexican Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


“Best Buys In Town”
Jeff heads to the local vintage stores around town; Plato’s Closet and Kellie’s Consignments, looking for cool new clothes and also trying to find the “best buy in town.”

“Free Stuff”
Jeff attends the annual U-Fest at Michigan State University to check out all the games and free activities there. He goes rock climbing and gets a bunch of cool FREE stuff.

“Love Is In the Air”
Jeff and his girlfriend celebrate their dating anniversary by going to a nice dinner at Enso for a first time visit. They dine, have desert and then he surprises her afterwards with star gazing.

“Music Mania”
Jeff heads to local record stores to find out what all the hype is about around the “indie” culture. Checks out new music, listens to some records and scans classic and modern vinyl.

Jeff visits Sebewaign, Michigan state land to enjoy nature and get away from electronics. He goes for a nature hike and things get a little crazy.

“New News Spots”
Jeff visits WILZ News 10 to check out the news station, meets one of the anchors who works there and learns what goes into making a nightly LIVE news show.

“Plenty of Fish”
Jeff hasn’t been north fishing for awhile, so he and his dad head to the Saginaw Bay Lake area and challenge each other over who is the best fisherman while having fun doing so.

“Tattoo Design”
Jeff and his friend Taylor visit the local tattoo parlor so Taylor can get a tattoo while Jeff films the experience.

“Topless Beauties”
Jeff and his father have a father and son outing and head to the Bricks event in Flint Michigan to check out some cool old cars.

“Hot Hot Hot”
While not a big fan of spicy food, Jeff and friends head to a famous place called El Oasis to try some menu items on the hot side. They eat spicy food and in the end actually enjoy the authentic Mexican experience.

“Insider Trading”
Jeff is Interested in a news story where a man trades his way up from a paperclip to a house so he and some friends visit the local Flea Market shop to check out some cool stuff and do some bargaining.

“Massage Me”
Jeff visits the local chiropractor to get some help with his posture, get “cracked” and then finds he actually has a good time while doing it.


“Babes In Toyland”
Jeffrey decides to go visit a sorority named Delta Gamma in East Lansing, Michigan to find out more about sororities, how to join one and what it’s like to live in a sorority house.

Jeffrey gets a hosting gig at the WKAR studio in East Lansing, MI for a new comedy show and shows what it’s like to host a TV show.

“Free Galleries”
Jeffrey heads to Grand Rapids, Michigan with his girlfriend Kelly for the annual Art Prize event. Check out the amazing art work all around the city and have a good time while doing it.

“Game On”
Parents always say that old arcades are a lot more fun than normal games now-a-days. Jeffrey and his sister head to a classic arcade called Pin Ball Pete’s in East Lansing, MI to find out if it’s true.

“Gone With the Games”
Jeffrey’s sister Cassie doesn’t really get to experience the college life very often, so Jeffrey takes her to a fun college football game at MSU in East Lansing, Michigan.

“Glorious Gardens”
Wanting to get inspired to create his own garden, Jeffrey heads to the Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture park with his girlfriend Kelly. They have a great relaxing time at the gardens at the same time.

“Don’t Drudge Me”
Jeffrey wonders how a newspaper is printed so he visits the State News to check out their operation and see what goes into writing and publishing a newspaper.

“Favorite Places”
Jeffrey gets stressed pretty easily so he visits his favorite place at MSU to relax and have a great time while doing it.

“Haunted Places”
Rumor has it that the Mary Mayo Dormitory hall is haunted so Jeffrey and his friend Josh visit the place to see what all the fuss is about and maybe even find a ghost.

Jeffrey hasn’t fired a gun very often so he heads to the local firing range with his Dad and Grandpa to shoot targets and find out who the best shot is.

“My Inner Pirate”
Jeffrey and his friend Max experience Geocaching for the first time as they hunt down hidden little treasures that people strategically place around town.

“Sweetest Digs”
Jeffrey loves chocolate and sweets. He and two friends visit a very special local candy store to get some tasty, sweet treats and have an amazing time while doing it.