Jen Friel





“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
After Jen Friel’s mobile hot spot feature goes out, she must attempt to find Wi-Fi in Hartford. Will she succeed?

“Best Friend Forever”
Fanny Slater and Jen Friel haven’t seen each other in nearly 13 years. Will their friendship rekindle after all this time has passed?

“Celebrity Stalker”
Courtney from KISS 95.7 has been on the air for over a decade; she is truly a radio icon. Sure we’ve heard her voice, and grooved to her tunes – but what is she REALLY like in person? Jen Friel investigates.

“Cutest Thing”
Jen Friel is a big animal lover, and reminds locals to adopt from a shelter instead of going to a pet store by checking one out for herself!

“Haunted Place”
Jen Friel heads down to Easton Connecticut to see if the notorious Union Cemetery really is haunted.

After spending the last 10 years living around the country, Jen Friel highlights the things she loves and hates about Connecticut.

“Naked Cocktails”
Summer is about showing some skin and drinking with friends! Unfortunately alcohol is not calorie free! Jen Friel explores Fat and Happy in the Berlin Turnpike to check out some calorie conscious options.

“Off Limits”
I wanna run through the halls of my high school, I wanna scream at the top of my lungs!” Jen Friel has a very John Mayer moment and explores her old high school.

“Queen of Clubland”
After returning to Connecticut after 10 years, Jen Friel and friends finally hit up the nightlife together as it was previously uncharted territory.

“Taste of the City”
Jen Friel reunites with old friend Liz, and decides to grab a beer at SBC Brewhouse. One problem, Liz doesn’t know what kind of beer she likes! The women sample to find out.

“Trippin’ Out”
Jen Friel is a parking ticket MAGNET – so much so that she can no longer drive her car. She is now taking her need for speed off road, to Berlin Batting and Racing, to appease her fast lane appetite.

“Ultimate Food”
Jen Friel and Fanny Slater conduct an experiment to see who can chow down more shrimp cocktail, a New England staple.


“Best Buys”
Boston is known for having fabulous clam chowder – however, living on a budget can sometimes be difficult to enjoy such fabulosity. Jen Friel decides to head down to Quincy Market and see if she can get a good cup of chowder at an even better price.

“Dream Movie Moments”
Jen showcases three Boston “star” locations that were used in famous movies.

“Free Galleries”
After having a hunger for some history, Jen Friel decides to put on my walking shoes and trek the 2.5 miles along the nation’s history on the Boston Freedom Trail. It winds it way through 16 historical sites.

“Sweetest Digs”
Jen digs in and feasts on her absolute favorite New Englans specialties — Boston clam chowder and lobster.

“Game On”
Having never been to Fenway park before, but being a fan of baseball games in general – Jen Friel decides to familiarize herself by taking a tour of the park.

“Hot Hot Hot”
With a hunger for history present, Jen decides to go and scope out the action in Salem, MA learning the history of the Witch Trials.

“Humble Hotels”
Being nomadic and also on a budget can be quite the contradictory lifestyle. Jen Friel decides to hit up AirBnB and check out some of the accommodations in the hopes of saving her budget.

“Love Is In the Air”
Jen and her pal have a contest to see who can get the most free hugs.

“Music Mania”
Jen goes out on the town to hear her favorite band’s cover band to see if they hold up to the real thing.

“My Inner Pirate”
Jen Friel reunites with friend Joanna Barker and together they take a cruise and attempt to implement as many pirate sayings as possible into conversation.

“Plenty of Fish”
Jen viblogs a first time date she met through an on-line dating service.

“Tattoo Designs”
Jen attends a tatto convention and catches up on the latest in tattoo designs.


“Don’t Kill the Messenger”
When a friend’s phone breaks, Jen Friel goes through great lengths to insure the message is delivered — but will it get there, and in enough time?

Jen Friel unites with friends Timmy Hughes and Jimmy Daniels in Harvard Square to see how people react to a faux “celeb” spotting. Will anyone actually approach and ask for an autograph?

“Gone With the Games”
In an attempt to cheer up a friend, Jen Friel and Timmy Hughes play childhood games in a Boston park in the hopes of bringing a smile to their friend’s face!

“Insider Trading”
Jen Friel takes a tour of Harvard campus and ends up being schooled on her own family history!

“Massage Me”
Jen Friel explores a local spa and salon to discuss the benefits of massage, and hopefully even get a demonstration!

Who says you need to go out to have fun? Jen Friel explores all of the awesomeness one can have at home!

“Amateur Hour”
Jen Friel has never cooked clams before (a Boston staple), or even knows what goes into cooking them. She calls in the help of her friend Fanny to help school her amateur ways.

“Babes In Toyland”
After spending so much time visiting museums and researching the historical city of Boston, Jen enlists the help of her friend Michael to give an impromptus dramatic interpretation of Yankee Doodle.

“Free Stuff”
Visiting Boston on a dime? Jen Friel examines what’s free in this city!

“Glorious Gardens”
After spending so much time behind their computers, Jen Friel and Allie Harcharek decide to check out a beautiful Boston garden and do some yoga!

“People Search”
Using the powerful wonders of social media, Jen Friel tracks down an old friend from camp and catches up. Think things have changed? Let’s find out!

“Sexy In the City”
Jen Friel catches rocker Kristen Wagner (of the band Bullet and Snowfox) on tour and grills her on what’s sexy.