Jenny Scordamaglia





“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
The internet goes out on Jenny, so she must find a place to get Wi-Fi.

“Best Friend Forever”
Jenny enjoys a good time with her best friend, but he just wants a hair cut!

“Celebrity Stalker”
As an admirer of art, Jenny follows one of Miami’s most mysterious celebrity artists, to find out what he is really like up-close and personal.

“Cutest Thing”
Jenny takes a trip to one of Miami’s biggest attractions, Jungle Island, to interact with the animals.

“Haunted Place”
Jenny goes on a spirit hunt to one of the oldest cemeteries in Miami, the Miami City Cemetery, where many Miami legends are buried.

“Tour of the City”
Jenny loves the city of Miami, but being a nature lover makes her “Tour of the City” the everglades of Miami with Hummer Tours Miami.

“Naked Cocktails”
Jenny wants to find a new favorite cocktail, so she visits the Red Bar Gallery to find someone to make her a good drink.

“Off Limits”
Jenny visits one of Miami’s biggest hot spots, Revent, which is currently shut down due to renovations.

“Sexy in the City”
Jenny goes out to Deenies Hideaway and discovers a slightly different atmosphere.

“Sweetest Digs”
Jenny is considering buying a new house, so she visits local open houses for prospects.

“Trippin’ Out”

Jenny takes an adventure trip to the Everglades Safari Park with Hummer Tours Miami and experiences the world of alligators.

“Ultimate Food”
Jenny is craving ceviche, so she goes out to Norkies to find the best ceviche in South Beach.


“Best Buys”
Jenny goes out shopping in a “not so typical” location she found through the internet. Designer wear at wholesale prices!

“Bikini Discovery”
Jenny enjoys a good time with her best friend, but he just wants a hair cut!

“Free Stuff”
Jenny takes a trip to one of Miami’s biggest attractions, Jungle Island, to interact with the animals.

“Humble Hotels”
Jenny takes a trip to one of Miami’s humblest hotels.

Jenny gets personal and expresses her love and hates.

“Massage Me”
After working a long day its time for Jenny to take a brake and release her stresses through out a deep tissue Massage from one of Miami’s best massage therapists.

“Music Mania”
Jenny has always been musically oriented but hasn’t played any instrument in so long that she decides to visit a huge music store, Sam Ash!

Jenny takes a trip to one of Miami’s nude beaches to relax near the ocean and be free in Holouver Park Beach.

“My Inner Pirate”
Jenny takes some time off with the family and has an inner child pirate moment!

“Taste of the City”
Jenny goes out on a beautiful sunny Sunday to Farmers Market in the most visited tourist and local road: Lincoln Road.

“Tattoo Shop”
Jenny is skeptical about getting a tattoo so she becomes the target for three tattoo artists who try to convince her to get one while expressing their art skills on her.

“Jenny Topless Beauties”
Jenny takes some time to visit some friends at their car shop and gets a lessons on some antique topless beauties.


“Babes In Toyland”
Jenny revisits her childhood when she gets pulled along by her family to visit a local park!

“Beach Front Fun”
Jenny takes a boat ride, dons the right gear and dives in the ocean for a day of snorkeling and scuba diving.

“Free Galleries”
Every second Saturday of the month, Jenny visits the Wynwood Art walk to visit the many galleries that stay open to showcase their art.

“Gone With the Games”
Jenny visits Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood, finds herself at their annual party but then decides to have fun with the games there!

Jenny visits the opening of a new dance studio in Coral Gables called Fred Astaire Dance and is awed by the dancers.

“Dream Movie Moment”
Jenny stumbles into a business that can convert any home theater into a high end theater — the best way to have dream movie moments.

“Amateur Hour”
Jenny visits a late night after party that happens every week in a huge mansion where locals can share their artistic talents such as; dancing, singing, painting, etc.

“Don’t Kill the Messenger”
Jenny Visits “House of Horror” for a great experience of Halloween in the Miami International Mall.

“Love Is In the Air”
Jenny goes to the monthly “Full Moon Party,” an event with a spiritual vibe where every month during the full moon locals get together to dance, sing and share their skills and gifts such as; yoga, meditation, card readings, etc.

“People Search”
Every Sunday Lincoln Road’s “Van Dyke Cafe” attracts local talent and becomes a great place to search for talented singers and instrument players.

“Plenty of Fish”
Jenny visits Lake Victoria in Homestead hoping to get awesome fish pictures but instead gets hit with a huge surprise.

“Under Exposed/Over Exposed”
Jenny finds a place she has never been, a gathering hidden in Miami in a warehouse which is a huge hang out spot.