Rocco Leo Gaglioti





“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
Needing to catch up on some work, Rocco heads to his favorite local coffee shop, Legal Beans, to snag some Wi-Fi and a cup of coffee.

“Beach Front Fun”
Rocco heads to Seaside Heights to relax and enjoy the festivities during a day off.

“Best Friend Forever”
Rocco and his good friend, Angela Simmons, spend some time catching up in Hamilton Park, New Jersey.

“Cutest Thing”
Rocco’s dog, Zoey, has gained a little weight, so he takes her to a local pet shop to fit her for a new harness, but not before giving her a workout at the local dog run.

“Haunted Place”
Rocco stays the night in a haunted paranormal museum in Asbury Park, NJ, to prove once and for all if ghosts do or don’t exist.

Rocco shares his likes and dislikes, while touring his hometown of New Jersey.

“Love Parade”
Rocco is heartbroken, so he ventures out to spread love by handing out flowers to random strangers to make himself feel better.

“Naked Cocktails”
Rocco and his buddy Steve do a little gambling at Atlantic City. Rocco blows his winnings on some cocktails at the Watermark in Asbury Park, NJ.

“Sweetest Digs”
Kim G invites Rocco over to chill at her million-dollar estate for the day. Rocco gets to drive her Ferrari to see what it’s like to live in the fast lane.

“Taste of the City”
Rocco and Kim G meet for dinner at the Goodfellas restaurant in Garfield NJ. They do a bit of catching up over some delicious Italian cuisine.

“Trippin’ Out”
Rocco visits a club called Paradise, which just so happens to be a gay/lesbian club. While there, he makes a new friend or two.

“Ultimate Food”
Rocco pays a visit to his favorite diner in North Bergen, NJ. He splurges on some fine Greek cuisine and picks up a girl’s number in the process.



“Favorite Places”
Rocco hikes through the Appalachian Trail to spend time in his favorite spot to meditate and reflect. He finds that nature, with all its beauty, brings out dueling sides of his personality.

“Bikini Discoveries”
Rocco surprises his supermodel and Olympic gold medal gymnast friend, Kira. Instead of getting coffee together, he helps her choose a bikini so they can go to the beach.

Rocco decides not to cook for himself. He goes to Mediterranean to eat his favorite spicy dish. He spends time with Chef Andy and smokes a hookah.

“Insider Trading”
Rocco finishes an enlightening book that reminds him of his spiritual experiences in Peru. He goes to his favorite bookstore and trades his book for a new one. He’s an insider so he doesn’t have to pay.

“Tattoo Designs”
Rocco goes to Tattoo Tony’s to discuss getting some new ink done. Tony’s profound words steer Rocco to want something less permanent. He gets a henna tattoo instead.

“Glorious Gardens”
Rocco discovers a tree sculpture, plays with rabbits, checks out goldfish and smells flowers at Reeves Reed Garden.

“Game On”
Rocco takes on the fun arcade games from his childhood at Barcade. This place also provides some fine beers to add to his experience.

“Amateur Hour”
Rocco tries his hand at stand-up comedy. He conquers his fear but along the way he has to deal with an outrageous heckler from the audience.

“Music Mania”
Rocco accidentally broke his mp3 player and he didn’t back up his music. He goes to Jack’s Music Shoppe to get some new music and stumbles on some nostalgic records.

“Dream Movie Moments”
Rocco walks around Elysian Park and the waterfront to places where the movie “On the Waterfront” was shot.

“Overexposed / Underexposed”
Rocco rants about which places in New Jersey are more or less well known as he paces in the night on his street in Jersey City.

“Topless Beauties”
Rocco visits a special German restaurant and eats their famous topless steak sandwich along with a big beer. He channels his own private Oktoberfest.



“Free Galleries”
Rocco finds the perfect birthday gift for his mother, a painting from a free art gallery at the New Jersey City University.

“Free Stuff”
Rocco volunteers his time at the New Jersey food bank in the packaging department.

“Gone With the Games”
Rocco and his two cousins compete for first prize in a go-kart race at an indoor track.

“In Town Travel”
Rocco travels into the future when he visits a psychic and gets his Tarot cards read.

Rocco spends a wonderful day in the country, apple picking and more at Demarest Farms.

“Off Limits”
Rocco takes a bike ride through off limits destinations.

Rocco indulges in luxurious spa treatment at Walker’s Apothecary.

“Job Hunt”
Rocco reaches out to a real housewife of New Jersey, Kim G., for work. She makes him get his hands dirty in her backyard.

“Sex In the City”
Rocco joins his two best gal pals and shares Mimosas, laughs, and love advice at Satis.

“People Search”
Rocco discovers the location of his two cousins through a Skype conversation with his brother. They get together at a great spot in New Jersey, eat BBQ and catch up.

“Plenty Of Fish”
Rocco experiences a series of blind dates at Satis.

“Love Is In the Air”
Rocco goes on a second romantic date with one of the blind dates he met in Plenty of Fish.