Sarah Austin






“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
Sarah Austin abruptly leaves her friend, Hermione Way, in an attempt to multitask uploading a video to Pop17 and appointments. Sarah takes a journey to find out where to get a decent Wi-Fi signal in San Francisco.

“Beach Front Fun”
Wind Over Water is a surf and kite boarding school run by Jeff Kaufka. Sarah Austin meet’s Jeff when her friend, Hermione Way, suggests they check it out. San Francisco is known for its wind and the Bay.

“Best Friend Forever”
Having a best friend forever means keeping that person close to you through mutual interest activities. For example, Tamara and I find bliss in bringing Yoga to the people and our own hearts. Sharing our love is the way we stay connected.

“Bikini Discovery”
Zoe Bikini in San Francisco Mission’s district is the perfect place for Sarah to find the perfect bikini. The small boutique owner, Zoe, walks us through her designs for this season and gives Sarah some tips to find the best bikini for her body.

“Celebrity Stalker”
Local celebrity and DJ host, David Gans, at KPFA’s The Greatful Dead Hour sat down with Sarah Austin for a chat. Jerry Garcia and the Greatful Dead are legends in the Bay Area because they hail from Marin County, just over the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Cutest Thing”
Sarah Austin goes to Double Punch in Little Italy, San Francisco. This unique toy store sells products downstairs and expensive art upstairs. They even hold gallery parties there. It’s a cool location and a fun spot that’s sure to make you laugh.

From loving the SF Giants to hating parking tickets, Sarah Austin takes you around her likes and dislikes about San Francisco.

“Love Parade”
San Francisco’s historic Bay to Breakers is an annual race that attracts 50,000 people. Sarah dresses up as a chicken and enjoys the love of San Francisco people.

“Naked Cocktails”
A Naked Cocktail is a cocktail with no sugar. Sarah Austin goes to Rye Bar to try out the naked cocktail.

“Sweetest Digs”
Sarah Austin visits her good friend, Hermione Way, in her South of Market loft. Her space is large as she runs a business blog downstairs for TNW and sleeps upstairs. She shows off her pad to Sarah and they have a good time.

“Trippin’ Out”
Sarah Austin and Hermione Way go on an adventure to learn how to be a pilot. They get to see what it’s like to fly a plane at the Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara Country. The take off, tricks, and landing left the girls overwhelmed with joy.

“Ultimate Food”
Rocketfish Sushi is the best Sushi in Potrero Hill. This fun and fabulous dinning experience is a must do. Located at between Missouri St & Connecticut St, Sarah Austin tries a variety of mystery rolls selected for her!


“Favorite Places”
Sarah Austin shares her favorite places in San Francisco including the Giants Stadium. She takes you on a journey all around the city to check out the best spots.

“Free Stuff”
Sarah Austin and her friend Jennifer hit up the tech companies at a major tech conference for the free stuff. There is an exchange economy- they want users and Sarah wants free stuff.

“Love Is In the Air”
Sarah Austin and her boyfriend, Bear Kittay, tell you about their love story. They sit in Golden Gate Park as they share how they met.

“Massage Me”
Sarah Austin loves taking time to stop and enjoy the little things. That’s why she takes breaks for a quick massage whenever she gets the chance! She stops by the Better Works booth at a tech convention to get a relaxation perk.

“Sexy In the City”
Sarah Austin and her sister, Rebekah Austin, go shopping together at Haight and Ashbury. They go shopping at their favorite stores to find the perfect outfit. Though the hippie movement started in the Haight, it doesn’t mean you can’t still look pretty.

“Overexposed Under Exposed”
One thing the bay area offers in the business world is Silicon Valley. Watch Sarah Austin as she asks the tech geeks about their take on the most under exposed and over exposed tech companies. Sarah goes to a tech conference to talk to people.

“Amateur Hour”
Sarah visits Fisherman Wharf to show off all the cool street performers.

“Dream Movie Moments”
Sarah Austin and her boyfriend, Bear Kittay, live their dream movie moment and show the world that San Francisco has so much more to offer than wallpaper.

“Glorious Gardens”
Sarah Austin and her boyfriend, Bear Kittay, talk about the sweet serenity they find in Golden Gate Park. They smell the flowers, and talk about how nature can be found in the city.

“Babes In Toyland”
Sarah Austin and friends head to Super7 on Haight Street to check out the toy store and their stuff. Sarah, Dani and Rebekah have a good time letting the inner child in them come out.

“Best Buys”
It’s Dani Bicknell’s birthday and she loves a good deal so Sarah Austin takes her to Haight Street for some bargain shopping. They find their best buy to be a vintage T.

“Hot Hot Hot”
Burning Man takes place once a year in Black Rock City, NV. Though it was started on Baker Beach, CA, the people all head north to the “playa” where the sun is hot. Sarah Austin gives her take on what Burning Man means to her.


“Don’t Drudge Me”
Sarah has come a long way since her days as a tech convention party crasher and life caster. She recaps her humble beginnings and some embarrassing footage along the way.

Sarah gets her nails done and takes a little me time!

“Game On”
Sarah and her friends go to a pin-ball museum and check out retro pin ball machines.

“Music Mania”
Sarah and her friend reflect on why electronic music is so popular at a San Francisco Festival.

Sarah and her friends grew up in Marin and it’s a hot spot for beautiful nature. However, these girls know the secret spots that the tourists can’t go to and share their favorite spot at West Peak, just in time to watch the sunset.

You don’t have to go far to relax and kick back in your city. Sarah goes to Ocean Beach and makes a sand castle and gets wind burned (that’s closest to a sunburn in SF).

“Gone With the Games”
Sarah and her sisters are Giant fans so they go to an A’s game to cause a scene.

“Inner Pirate”
Sarah’s inner pirate is unleashed when she hears the Jug Town Pirates perform.

“Insider Trading”
Sarah checks out the Occupy San Francisco protests and gives her take on what’s going on.

“Job Hunt”
Sarah and her friend Dani know how hard it is to find a job these days. They get together and go over some job hunting tips. From clothes to attitude, these girls have got your job hunt covered.

“Taste of the City”
There is so much good food in San Francisco, but a personal favorite of Sarah’s is street fair food! Sarah parties it up at the Decompression Street Festival and samples some of the delicious food and beverage on offer.

“Tattoo Design”
Everyone who has a tattoo has a story behind it. Sarah and her friends hit the streets of SF to find out the stories behind the ink.