Tony Thomas





“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
Tony loses internet connection at his home, so he begins a quest to find the best Wi-Fi spots in his area.

“Beach Front Fun”
Tony and his wife need a break after a difficult move. The beaches of the Oregon coast are calling!

“Bikini Discovery”
Tony’s teen son dares him to get a bikini wax, and Tony, not one for backing out of a bet, goes through with it.

“Best Friend Forever”
Tony takes the family dog, Artemis, out for a day of fun in the sun.

“Cutest Thing”
When it’s time for Tony to analyze life, cute kids and dogs bring it all home and put it in proper perspective.

“Haunted Place”
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse has been haunted for over 80 years. But, is it really? Tony takes a trip inside to find out what all the fuss is about.

Tony shares his favorite (and not-so-favorite) things about Portland.

“Off Limits”
Coffee Stenciling seems like something anyone could do if they tried. Tony goes behind the counter at Coffee Villa to find out just how easy it really is.

“Sweetest Digs”
Looking forward to time away, Tony and his wife head to the Oregon coast to stay at the best place they know of in Oregon.“Taste of the City”
Alligator and frog legs sound like poison? One way or another, Tony is about to find out.

“Taste of the City”
Alligator and frog legs sound like poison? One way or another, Tony is about to find out.

“Trippin’ Out”
“The Shining” is Tony’s favorite movie, so he plans a trip to the Timberline Lodge (featured as the setting in the film) to find out more about the building and its residents.

“Ultimate Food”
Can Brandon, Tony’s friend and the black hole of food, conquer the 13″ Mancake Challenge?


“Best Buys”
Tony and his wife and go hunting around the many garage sales in the area for the perfect find and best buys.

“Dream Movie Moment”
Time for an outdoor movie adventure in the middle of Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland.

“Favorite Places”
Tony goes back and visits his old stomping grounds when he was a child.

“Free Galleries”
Zoanna and Tony head to Last Thursday in Portand, home of open-air galleries, performers, food, and more.

“Game On”
Tony and his family hit the OMSI Game On 2.0 exhibit for some old skool arcade fun.

“Glorious Gardens”
Zoanna and Tony visit the lovely Lan Su Chinese Garden for some peace and serenity.

“Love Is In the Air”
Food is sexy and Zo and Tony go to indulge at the Bite of Oregon 2011.

Tony goes hunting for the out-of-print and elusive Star Trek Enterprise blueprints at Powell’s City of Books.

“Music Mania”
Pulling no punches, Tony discusses the music of today vs the music of yesteryears.

Tony and his family visits one of the most beautiful state parks in Oregon, Silver Falls State Park.

“Tattoo Designs”
For the experience, Tony gets a Henna Tattoo of the VidBlogger Nation logo.

“Topless Beauties”
Zoanna and Tony visit a local car show, sporting old, new, and classic vehicles.


“Don’t Drudge”
Tony’s an easy-going guy. But there are certain things that really do get stuck in his craw.

Tony’s son is the next best thing since sliced bread…and he’s not afraid to tell you about it.

“Free Stuff”
Tony’s heart breaks for the homeless. Good thing Portland cares and shares so much.

“Gone With the Games”
Tony considers himself a pinball king. Can his friend, Bryce, put an end to his royal reign?

“Hot Hot Hot”
Tony visits a Portland Bikram Yoga studio and take a class….in 105 degrees!

“Humble Hotels”
Tony helps his brother in law find a place to stay in Portland. He checks out a local hostel.

“In Town Travel”
Tony tells you how to take a vacation and save your money by simply sticking around Portland.

“Insider Trading”
What happens when Tony, Zoanna, and friends get together for food? Anarchy!

“Job Hunt”
Tony asks various people, “if you could do anything for a vocation, what would it be” and gets some interesting feedback.

“Massage Me”
Since VidBlogger Nation, the people of Portland have treated Tony like royalty….at least, in his own mind.

“My Inner Pirate”
Tony and Bryce head to the Portland Pirate Festival to uncover their inner Pirate.

“Sexy In the City”
Tony uncovers some sexiness in Portland. fashion, food, and fun!