Zennie Abraham







“Awesome Wi-Fi Spots”
A different take on Wi-Fi hot spots as Zennie shows Emily how to make her iPhone an awesome Wi-Fi hot spot.

“Beach Front Fun”
Zennie gives his perspective about what Beach Front Fun is in Atlanta can be.

“Best Friends Forever”
BFF in Atlanta? It’s hard to make friends, but Zennie talks with his new friends about how to do it in Atlanta

“Bikini Discovery”
For Zennie “Bikini Discovery” in Atlanta, is really all about where to meet women.

“Celebrity Stalker”
Zennie and Victoria talk about her experience chasing Green Bay Packers players and we learn tips for spotting celebs through a helpful website “Locations Vacations”

“Cutest Things”
With the help of Emily and Rick Zennie discovers what the “cutest” things are in Atlanta.

Zennie and his mom talk about what they love and hate about Atlanta, with input from Jennifer Michcheski.

“King and Queen of Clubland”
Zennie searches for the King and Queen of Clubland but in the midst of doing so gets a low down on the great clubs in Atlanta.

“Naked Cocktails”
Zennie and Emily not only discover the definition of a “Naked Cocktail” but also great places to cocktail in Atlanta.

“Off Limits”
Zennie has a really wild idea of what “off limits” means — but he’s legally correct.

“Taste of the City”
Zennie reflects on the many elements that make up the taste of Atlanta. Some beautiful and some more challenging.

“Ultimate Food”
Zennie raves about his favorite burger with his friends Rick and Rick and about the “ultimate” food in Atlanta.



“Best Buys”
What’s the “best buy” in Atlanta? It’s the money Atlanta spends to have good sports teams and sports events.

Zennie shares a surprise secret about what strokes his ego.

“Favorite Places”
What’s Zennie’s favorite place in Atlanta? It’s downtown Atlanta and the wonderful architecture found there.

“Free Stuff”
What’s the ultimate free thing to do in Atlanta? Zennie takes us out in public as he “people” watches the fun, costumed geeks at Dragon* Con!

“Game On”
Zennie gives the low down on Atlanta’s sports teams and organizations and how they support Atlanta.

“Gone With the Games”
Did you know that Atlanta hosted the Olympic Games in 1996? Zennie and his neighbor share memories about the games and how they impacted Atlanta.

“Hot Hot Hot”
What is “Hot Hot Hot” in Atlanta? Zennie, his mom and a family friend all have their own “hot” opinions.

“Humble Hotels”
Zennie reflects on the history of a not-so-humble hotel — the famed Hyatt Regency.

What’s “naturism” in Atlanta? To Zennie, it can be found in his own backyard. Just watch out for Bigfoot!

“New News Spots”
Zennie shares his opinion about the best news spots on Atlanta and they are only a click away!

“Overexposed Underexposed”
What’s overexposed / underexposed both in Atlanta and in the tech world? Zennie exposes his option and then gets the inside scoop with a special in the know guest tech-expert.

“Plenty of Fish”
Zennie ponders where to find fish in Atlanta. After considering a visit to the Georgia Aquarium, he finally figures out the best place to go for fish — home. For Mom’s salmon.


“Amateur Hour”
While planning production for a VidBlogger Nation episode, Eve challenges Zennie to a spontaneous amateur harmonica contest!

“Job Hunt”
Zennie talks with entrepreneur Susan Berry about what it’s like to start your own business in Atlanta.

“Massage Me”
Zennie gets a pedicure. Trouble is he’s ticklish!

What is a “staycation?” Zennie asks family members and friends then goes off and violates the very rules they’ve described to him about how to relax at home!

“Sweetest Digs”
Zennie and Eve visit a cool malt shop in suburban Atlanta where Zennie’s love for chocolate takes on new heights!

“Trippin’ Out”
We travel with Zennie from San Francisco to Chicago to Atlanta, and learn the journey is the reward!

“Don’t Drudge Me”
Zennie asks VidBlogger Nation fans to watch and for trolls not to drudge the show!

“Don’t Kill the Messenger”
Zennie reveals the joys and pains of being waitresses from the point of view of his two friends Eve and Jessica.

“Dream Movie Moments”
Zennie gives Eve insider tips on how to vidblog and create her own “dream movie moments.”

“Glorious Gardens”
Zennie has a love for his garden at home, but a problem with it too — gophers!

Zennie takes us on hunt for great food in Atlanta and finds a warm and welcoming festival in Technology Square.

“People Search”
Zennie goes on a search for people in Atlanta and ends up in Five Points downtown.