ATLANTA: Zennie Abraham

Greetings! I can say that I’m one of America’s first videobloggers, and one of YouTube’s first partners. I was asked to join in 2007. My vlogging style is what I call “classic:” I use the camcorder as an extended lens to what I see and experience. Even with interviewing people, I turn the camera on them, and use one camcorder, where someone else would try and copy television, and either have two cameras or have a camera person and a mic. Not me.

I got into “vlogging” just because I saw a reference to making videos and putting them online in 2005. In 2006, I was the first person with the press to take a camcorder to cover the NFL Draft. In 2007, I was the first to bring a live stream to the NFL Draft, and partnered with USTREAM to make that happen. Overall, I’ve covered the NFL Draft every year from 2005 to 2011.

CNN’s Special Projects Unit discovered me as my blog, then called Zennie’s Zeitgeist and now called, was credentialed for the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention. I was CNN’s “go to” iReporter, in part because I was on the iReport before CNN purchased it. I joined it in 2006, when I first discovered video sharing online.

But I didn’t know it was called “vlogging” until I was invited to attend VloggerCon in 2006. VloggerCon was the second convention of its kind and for vloggers in San Francisco. It was amazing. I met a number of people I still know to this day.

I have two companies: Sports Business Simulations and The idea was to use the videos to bring traffic to my game site, but the videos and blogging took on a life of their own after CNN. That was because CNN twice flew me to New York City to be on national shows.

Now, I am a blogger with a blog called Atlanta Focus, which is part of my blog network, and I’m a blogger with the Hearst Corporation’s and publications, as well.
My YouTube videos alone are seen an average of 32,000 times a day.